Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Thursday I left work early for a dentist's appointment and then went and visited Grandma. I picked up some Chinese to go and took her dinner. She was doing well, I thought. Very energetic. She gets moments of grief, but otherwise seems to be feeling very well. She gave me a pan of homemade fudge.

Came home to hanging out and gaming (BaHotH) with the boys, Bryree, and Mel.

Friday evening (after the cancellation of philosophew stuff on Saturday, due to illness) was impromptu gaming at Chris's with him, Neal, Matt K., and Bryree again, who was here for sparring. (Monkey stayed home, because he was feeling quite poorly.)

Yesterday we all slept in really late, then I zipped up to Boulder for one last gift, laundry quarters, and a butternut squash. Poked around a bit and then got groceries in the VERY VERY COLD.

Today we cleaned up the house a bunch, watched more Last Exile with zalena (and Bryree for a little bit), and then I cooked the butternut squash -- the vietnamese pumpkin recipe, which I'll take to work for holiday potluck on Tuesday.

I was going to say some stuff about stuff, but for now I think that bare reporting of recent activity will have to suffice...

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