Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Dorky But Happy

This evening was very good. Hooray, no more proposal and I get to see my schweetie again! We spent together time, and it was good.

We finished disc 5 of Witch Hunter Robin. It ends with a massive cliffhanger, but sometimes suspense is fun, so we stopped there. Also went to Target and picked up Pikmin 2. Yaaaay pikmin! Such a fun game! And with no time limits this time, even better! Plus there's a two-player mode, though we haven't tried it yet because it looks, like, complicated and stuff.

Saw a rainbow on the drive home. It was very bright. Started out as just an arc on the right side, but as I drove towards the rain shaft that was creating it, it spread out into a full half-circle, then moved over to just an arc on the left as I approached the Broomfield exit on 36.

It had the lighting I like, too. For some reason, I really love it when there's direct sunlight lighting up the ground, but the sky is dark and cloud-filled. It turns this deep blue-gray-purple color while everything on the ground turns this golden color because the sun is low in the sky. So it made me happy to see that on the way home.

Also: the new "random retro" station (Jack FM) played "Pour Some Sugar On Me", by Def Leppard, while I was waiting on the offramp. I realized, as I was listening to it, that the lyrics make basically zero sense. But I still love it. When I was in high school and nobody else was home, if it came on MTV (back in the bygone days of yore when they actually played music videos on MTV), I would turn it up really loud and dance around in a very energetic and, I'm sure, highly embarassing way, which is why I made sure that nobody ever saw me.

So I'm sitting there in the car, doing the seated-car steering-wheel dance, singing along and basically rockin' out to this song, and I thought "you know, I bet I look like an utter dork to all the people in the cars around me." And then I thought, "yeah, but it's a good song and I'm having fun and I really don't care."

And I was happy.

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