Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Xmas good, season bad

Oh, lookie! Santa came early and I think he brought me a nasty cold virus! Just in time for Christmas! Hooray!

I took the bus to work today because last night I sat in traffic for about an hour as all the idjit last-minute Xmas shoppers departing Flatirons Crossing slowed things down to a crawl (5 mph, and I do not exaggerate) for about three exits on the highway, and I figured if I'm going to spend that much time on my commute, I should at least let someone else drive so I can read.

Tonight, traffic was fine, but I had to wait extra because they're running extra airport busses, but not letting them stop at any of the normal stops. So I couldn't ride the AB, but had to wait for the next B Local.

And although we're poor and aren't doing much in the way of Christmas presents this year, I need to spend a good chunk of time collecting up data for some of the gifts I am doing, and I haven't done it yet because the last couple nights I've come home feeling really tired and blah -- probably that's the cold.

I like Christmas, but I'm starting to really detest the Christmas season. Feh.

Well, zinc lozenges are being consumed, and last night we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which much exceeded my expectations. It made me laugh.

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