Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I've been bad about updating, but, hey, Christmas.

I got all stressed-out on the 24th, but it got a lot better after I realized that of course I was feeling crappy, I just spent all day scanning photos of my Dad to put on CD because money is too tight for normal family gifts. Plus I was fighting off a cold. Once I was conscious of it, it was much easier to deal with.

One of the key aspects of a successful long-term relationship, I am starting to conclude, is finding someone who can put up with you when you're crazy. Because we all go crazy from time to time.

Anyway, Christmas itself was low-key and good. We cooked a bunch of side dishes and went over to my step-brother's for dinner after a morning of opening presents at home. (Bought before money got tight.) I regard it as a good sign that my stepfather now refers to us as "the three musketeers". =)

Diakon radish goes well in Waldorf salad, I discovered. Also, it's much better if you go easy on the mayo.

I was getting a cold at the end of last week, but now I sing the praises of zinc lozenges, because they really work! Had a day or two of taking sudafed, but otherwise no big deal. I don't know if they've figured out how to mask the taste better or what, but the green tea flavored ones I got didn't taste nasty at all, which is a significant improvement.

I got a 27-step Japanese puzzle box (himitsu-bako) for Christmas. It is totally gorgeous! My boys rock.

Today, for no readily-discernible reason, I have been in a super-mellow and relaxed mood. I am moving slowly and I can feel chi flowing around me. I think the proper word is "languid", or perhaps "languorous". I've often said that I never need to do drugs, because my brain manages to be plenty entertaining all on its own.

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