Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Karen and Thomas came over this evening to hang out with us. We chatted about their recent trip, and about the vagaries of the Library of Congress cataloging system, and figuring out the geekitude of your coworkers.

We played a little bit of Visual Eyes, and then busted out We ♥ Katamari (one of our Xmas presents -- not even opened yet!) My general opinion is that they've done a lot of really nice things with the UI, lots of general improvements, and some neat new features, but so far the music is just god-awful. Nothing like the fun weirdness of the first one; just annoying weirdness instead. I'm hoping we get some better tracks soon. At least it lets you pick your poison...

Anyway, 'twas very nice to see K&T! Tomorrow we're off to the mountains, for real this time.

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