Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Yay for Friday!

There was a little obnoxiousness at work (I swear, if I ever meet the people who designed Swing, they're going to get a serious talking-to -- by which I mean a dinner fork to the groin!) what with trying to get the stupid score meters to line up properly, and I'm still not convinced that using the hyperbolic tangent to calculate growth probabilities isn't just a little bit mathematically over-the-top and gratuitous, but what the hell. It was all working when I left work, and that made me happy.

Actually, I was pretty much happy all around all day.

For dinner, grabbed some tacos from the little mexican restaurant across the street. I've finally started remembering it's there, and that's a good thing, because it is cheap and so good! Super-authentic. Like, the tacos have meat, and onions, and cilantro, and salsa verde. And that's it! They sell Coke bottled in Mexico.

Anyway, only had a few minutes after we got home before we headed off to the Joneses' for DDR tonight.

They had a couple nice pieces of chainmail they'd made from the niobium rings we got them from Spider when we went to San Francisco. Very pretty! (I took some pictures, and I would put them up, but I haven't got webspace of my own. Need to figure that out so I can put pictures with the blog...)

We did DDR for probably an hour and a half, maybe two, I think. We all got worn out fairly quickly, but we had a good time. My skill has definitely increased quite a bit, which is nice to realize. Some of the difficulty 3 songs are starting to get almost too easy, and I can pass some 6s now. I haven't managed to full-combo the Sonic Death Ray song yet, but I'm starting to get close. (That's "Lovin' You", Rob Searle remix, on DDRMax2, which is mostly just a nice trance-y techno song, but it starts out with this vocal bit that ends in an ultra-soprano super-high-pitched wail that everyone but me find completely horrifying.)

Then played Killer Bunnies, which was kinda fun. The cards were a little correlated, and it probably would have played better if it was shuffled better. It's also highly random, and I think I will enjoy it more the next time I play, knowing more about the total randomness.

Jen declared that I had the most geeky quote of the evening when I said, "I think the dodecahedron may well be my favorite platonic solid." I mean, it's true, it's probably the best. But then she was very pleased when I recognized the little rhyme she quoted about dodecahedrons from The Phantom Tollbooth.

Pikmin 2 is fun! Yay! The pikmin have started sort of singing this little song in the pikmin language when we're marching along... at least, I think it's a song-- can't really tell, can you? I can't decide if it's cute or a little bit freaky. It's probably both.


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