Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Not much noteworthy going on. Jeff's Star Wars game ran this week, finally, which was good.

Yesterday at work we had a meeting where we tried to brainstorm what we thought might be happening in ten years of relevance to our research. That was interesting. The big changes mostly fall into the category of "demographic shifts" -- baby boomers starting to retire, the internet internationalizing as China comes online, more of the electronic generation becoming adults, etc. I predict that "augmented reality" will start to be available, which would be pretty cool. Just point your cameraphone-PDA at something, hit a button and get information about it...

Random geekage: Neal is playtesting a D&D adventure, so I made a warlock character, and I'm looking forward to playing it next week. Something I learned about the d20 system: scrolls are cheap, and you can buy an awful lot of them if you've got $49k to spend on equipment.

After a very lazy morning, we did a bunch of shopping today. (Had to go buy gifts for Secret Satan party tomorrow -- thankfully, it took a lot less time than I expected.)

Tomorrow I'm going to spend all day making profiteroles. Whee!

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