Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Quick update:

On Sunday, Bryree, Kate, Mike, and I helped Neal playtest a module he's editing. It was fun! Warlocks are cool. We killed a vampire aboleth. And it provided useful feedback, so that's spiffy. (e.g., a room filled with water and a rusty iron bridge going from doorway to doorway just screams "trap!" and is unlikely to be entered...)

Yesterday was the first day of the Decision Analysis workshop at work. It's pretty cool. How to explain it... Okay, say you've got a hydro power plant that's coming up for licensing, and there are a bunch of interest groups wanting various changes to how it runs. Assuming you can monetize the social value of the proposed changes, decision anaysis lets you figure out that, well, we don't actually need to know exactly how much a person-day of recreational fishing is worth, because as long as it's somewhere in this general range, it's always worth it to make the change. Likewise, water policy B is never worth it, and knowing the existence value of this chunk of fish habitat is important, but we shouldn't spend more than X dollars finding out.

Extra-special neatness is that the coursework includes the phrases "value of clairvoyance" and "value of wizardry".

Today I successfully massaged climate datafiles into a new format, then went off to Star Wars at Jeff's. I got to selectively turn the gravity off on the interplanetary shuttle for everyone but the party. ...Of course, I accidentally disabled half the ship's engines doing it, and I didn't so much turn gravity off as reverse it, but still, it was cool.

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