Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

On Saturday, I drove over to my step-brother Dave's place, picked up my Mom and Dave's daughter Leah and went to visit my grandmother. (Aside: I could just refer to Leah as "my step-niece", but it always seems strange applying the step- modifier to any relation but immediate family (parent, siblings, or children). I think the time has come to admit that modern familial relations are considerably more complicated than they used to be, and that English needs some more and better words to explain everyone's families. I mean, this is my maternal grandmother we're talking about. So Leah is her ex-daughter-in-law's step-son's daughter. We ought to be able to express that relationship more concisely.)

Grandma is doing well. She's still mostly wheelchair-bound (broken ankle from a fall), but she's wearing one of those puffy boot things now instead of a cast, so that's an improvement. Leah (who is three and a gorgeous child -- unbelievably photogenic!) was amazingly well-behaved. I got to show her the oxygen extractor (compressor? I forget what it's called.) and then we found the basket of toys grandma keeps around for little ones and she played pretty contentedly with a doll taller than she for the rest of the time.

We had a very nice visit. I think I mentioned it before, but my grandmother talks a lot if you let her, so we did a lot more listening than talking. (Not a complaint in any way -- just an observation.) There were a few stories that I'd heard before (there always are), but I'm kinda starting to like hearing them again. There's a funny story she told about a great-grandson discovering that his grandfather (my uncle) has a wooden leg.

We only stayed until about 3, because Mom had to head up to the mountains to take Leah and the dogs up to elk camp where Dave and Larry (my step-dad) are. Dave's a single father, so Leah gets to go elk hunting in her sparkly red Dorothy shoes. She loves it. =)

Jerry and I finished Witch Hunter Robin on Saturday evening. It was good! I liked it. I was a little surprised at just how ambiguous the ending was; I think it was really the right way to go, but I think an american show would have a hard time getting away with it.

For dinner I made some tofu stir-fry with lots of vegetables that was pretty tasty (though maybe a little more generic than I would have liked).

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