Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Last night we went over to Chris's and played X-Bugs, which is basically tiddlywinks with special powers. It's a really lame-sounding description for a game that's actually a lot of fun. It turns out that it's very hard to get tiddlywinks to go where you want them, so it was mostly about randomness, which was just my speed last night.

Finished installing the computer and took it over to my brother this evening. (This was our Xmas present to him this year; Mom gave him their spare computer, we cleaned it up and got it all set up for him.) We had to buy a new processor for it, because the old one died while I was swapping out cd-rom drives.

Guess how much an unused Celeron processor costs on e-bay.

A dollar. Plus $7 shipping and handling. Which is still damn cheap, and it fixed it, so yay.

Plus a trip to the grocery store, that has been my weekend so far. Thrilling, innit?

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