Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I was visited yesterday afternoon and this morning by Tontor, the Headache That Destroys All Ability To Focus On Anything.

He's gone now. I think he was a sinus headache, and ibuprofen + entex (aka, pseudoephedrine++) seem to have driven him away.

The funny thing about Tontor is that it didn't actually hurt all that much -- it wasn't a migraine, and I've had worse headaches, honestly -- it was just this thudding pain that made it impossible to concentrate enough to actually do anything. I managed to write a dozen lines of code, but they were about as simple as can be.

Anyway, it just lead to some general ruminations on the very burst-y nature of productivity in programming and heck, knowledge work in general. I wonder how prevalent that is across professions and types of work?

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