Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Josh and Hitchhiker's

toosuto is in town, so I went over to the Floyds' to see him a little bit this evening. Along with Kate, Thomas, & Karen (the latter two for only a little while), we watched Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy and then hung out and talked for a while. Then I stopped to get groceries on the way home.

The movie was... it was fine. It was pretty well-done, but it was totally different from the books, and I really like the way the books go. It's not so much the characters and the setting and the FX all looking and sounding different from my mental picture -- you can't help that, and they weren't actually too terribly far off. It was mostly that the pacing was so different. Dialogue much faster or slower than I would always read it. Things which take a long time to describe in writing conveyed in moments with visuals, and vice-versa. The bits featuring the Guide itself were probably the best match to what I expected -- nearly perfect in delivery, and the graphics had some wonderful little add-ons.

So I enjoyed it, but I enjoyed getting to see a visiting friend more.

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