Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Star Wars last night. Space piracy... accomplished! For the good of the galaxy, of course.

Stage two of the proposal writing is underway. I actually got stuff written today, and it didn't totally suck. So that's an improvement. I still hate it, but it hurt less today.

One of my gripes about the "business" of science is the need to use overly formal language whenever you're writing something up. I read a paper today in which the authors described using the "Visual Animation Inspection method" to test their model for correctness. In other words, they animated the data and looked at it to make sure their agents were doing what they were supposed to instead of something stupid. Why can't we just write "we made sure the model wasn't broken by looking at the animated results"? Why are people so worried about appearances over actual results? Not that science is any different from any other field in that regard, I'm sure, but... feh.

Nifty discovery of the day: Frontier (and I expect other airlines, too) has real-time online flight tracking that will tell you exactly where the plane is when you check its status. Keen!

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