Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Games at Tom's on Saturday night: we started out with Scream Machine (basically Roller Coaster Tycoon the card game), which I thought was quite clever, while we waited for Neal to get back from getting food and dropping off child. Then we played Citadels, which is fine, but I must remember to insist that we play with the witch instead of the assassin next time, because the assassin's lose-a-turn mechanism always makes me feel picked-on, and when I feel picked-on, I become a poor sport and always feel bad about it later on. I had a good time anyway, but for the future... Finished off with Fearsome Floors, which is a pretty amusing little game where you've trying to get your guys out of a dungeon before the monster eats them. Very prone to late-night roborally miscalculations, but light and a lot of fun.

Yesterday I did some housekeeping. Worked on some creative projects. Read webcomics. And there's nothing more to report. YAY VACATION!

The bus strike is over, so I'm heading up to the mountains this morning. How're you?

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