Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

We just watched Immortal, a sci-fi-ish movie that came out a year or two ago (never released in U.S. theaters). It was very WTF. Very, very, WTF.

It's very pretty and was made with a big budget, although all but 3 characters are CGI, and kinda low-grade CGI, at that. It's about an escaped cryo-convict possessed by an Egyptian god and a blue mutant/alien girl in New York of 2096 where there's a dimensional incursion in Central Park, among other things, if that gives you any idea.

My overall judgement is that it's a beautiful mess. You might enjoy it, if that's your thing.

Afterwards, I had to pop online and see if there if I could find any explanations. It turns out it's a sort-of adaptation of a number of famous French graphic novels by Enki Bilal (which apparently are even less linear and comprehensible!). Among other kind of helpful things, I found some of the untranslated Egyptian dialogue:

Anubis and Bastet are playing cards
Anubis: Are we cheating or not, Bastet?
Bastet: We're cheating, Anubis, we're cheating

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