Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Ninja babies and the end of our Star Wars game

Thursday was our last Star Wars game. Went out on a high note with a lovely starship explosion. I got to use a hyperdrive coil to throw giant warbots at people. It was cool! I'll miss the character and the game, but it ran long enough that we can be done with that setting for a while now.

Thomas noted that now that Star Wars is done, we have no RPGs running. *gasp!* So a flurry of email ensued and I'm collecting people's gaming profiles to figure out what will work well as a shared drop-in episodic game setting/system.

Belt test for bryree on Saturday. He's a green belt now, congrats to him!

And yesterday was the baby shower for Jeff & Alice. There was a comment a while back about how Alice had a stealth womb, so Greg declared that these would be ninja babies, and we spent some time over the last week making little black socks, hats, and onesies with an iron-on saying "ninja baby" in English and kanji. (They don't come in black, so there was dye involved.) We didn't realize they would be multiclassing in 'monkey' until we saw the other gifts they got, so we had to apologize for the devastation that baby ninja-monkey twins may unleash. Oops. And we're hoping the rivalry with pirate-baby Liam and his boat won't be too intense.

As always, yay for hanging out with friends at the Floyd Family Entertainment Center.
Tags: babies, gaming, gifts, social

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