Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Since Rob wasn't there for Ghostwalk Saturday evening (he and Bernadette were on the road back to California), we tried to have a session that wasn't too eventful.

Then we got his character killed in the first battle.


Fortunately, the name of the game is Ghostwalk, so we just had his ghost grab his body and take it back to town to get raised. He was back with the group in time for the second battle of the evening.

...where we almost (only almost!) got him killed again. And turned into a werewolf. (Did I mention that the character is a paladin?)

But it all worked out. And then, at the very end of the game, we got an in-game synopsis of the current world political situation. And boy, is it bad. Just... all kinds of bad. In several different directions. And yet, I can almost see a pattern. It looks like a chaotic mess, but I can feel these invisible strings that somebody is pulling on, and it's incredibly tantalizing. I want to publicly praise Thomas for being Mr. Teh Awesome GM and adulate his twisted scenario-making skillz, yo.

Because then, just before we left, we (well, I -- Kate had already suspected) figured out one of the game's Big Secrets. One of those things where you sort of go: "Okay, so if that's true, it implies that... oh, no. You mean that she's... Oooooooh no! And we let what happen to her?! Oh god! We are in so much trouble." Just this sudden unfolding of implications and realizations that things are much, much more... complicated than you had originally though.

It was really cool.

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