Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Weekend: Buffy bingo, peonies, head cold

Hooray for long weekends; boo for nasty head colds.

Friday and Saturday evenings we went over to Kate's to watch Buffy and hang out with, among many others, 0nce_and_future and thedragonweaver, who are in town for the weekend. I got a triple bingo on one episode, w00t, and I also typed in and uploaded all the player profiles for the new casual-gaming thingy we're putting together.

Went to the Botanic Gardens for picinicking and flower-looking yesterday with the Gamaches. The flowers making a big appearance were iris*, poppies, and peonies. The peonies were HYOOGE! I was reminded that I really like California poppies. It was pretty hot, but there were some clouds, so it wasn't awful. We got shakes from Good Times on the way home.

*I just looked this up, and apparently irises is the plural for multiple blossoms, but it's just plain iris for multiple plants. I suppose I still could have used either in this case...

Today is probably just going to be about cleaning up and going to bed early; Jerry has a summer job and has to leave at 6:30 in the morning starting tomorrow, so I get to start commuting by bus, which takes longer.
Tags: flowers, language, quotidia, social

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