Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Two dinners

My step-sister and her family are moving to England, so last night we got together for a farewell dinner. We went (on my brother-in-law's moving-expenses per diem for the new job, huzzah) to Yak & Yeti, an Indian restaurant that I have to remember is pretty close by, because they have a nice buffet.

It seems I'm an expert on ethnic cuisine relative to the rest of my family. I got to give my little brother advice on taking math classes for college credit next year. (Calc 3 is neat, take linear algebra instead of diff-eq because it's a gajillion times more interesting and useful.) I remembered not to eat the gulab jamun (the donut-holes in syrup) for dessert, because it's so sweet that I always regret it, but I enjoyed the mango custard.

Tonight, the boys drove up to Boulder and we had dinner with Chuck/Jessica and her colleague Victor, who are in town installing mobile phone technology -- or would be, if they weren't instead sitting around waiting because the local company they're doing it for doesn't have its act together. Plus, more snafus mean that they're commuting every morning from Greeley down to south Denver. Oy!

We had tasty Chinese at Golden Lotus; the green beans were especially good, and they brought us complimentary green tea ice cream.

Tomorrow will be all about frantically trying to get my poster updated so I can get it printed before I got to Galveston, which is complicated by the fact that I'm going to Boston in a week and only going to be back for a day between trips, ack.
Tags: family, food, friends, social

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