Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Honig, party of 40

Paolo very kindly drove me to T-Stop and Jessie's yesterday, where we hung out with Jessie and Perlick and Christie until T-Stop and U-Boat got home and Paolo very kindly drove us over to Cambridge and we had dinner at Mary Chung's.

(For those who may be a little perplexed, there were nicknames amongst my phraternity brudders in college.)

Batman had estimated a party of 40, and we had either 37 or 41 (depending on how you counted kids), which is remarkable, because it means that, in the aggregate, we were capable of actually predicting how many of us would show up! This is nothing short of astonishing, as is the remarkable indication of the fact that everyone is now grownup adults and so, in stark contrast to when we all used to go out to dinner in college, when we collected money to pay the tab, we were within $10 of the desired total including tip! (And it was on the plus side, even!)

Amongst those at dinner, along with their assorted families, were Batman and Indy and Big Bird and Squanto and Ouija and Crusher and Ladybug and Lucky and Indy and Rawhide and Morton and Raj and Stinky and Chuck and Omri (which is not even a nickname) (and Sarah and Drea and Karthiga and Bindu and all the other assorted families). I would namecheck the half-dozen tat are on LJ, but that's just way too much typing, and you can probably guess anyway.

Afterwards, we came back to Jerusalem (T-Stop and Jessie's and Indy's house) and we hung out and ate these totally addictive ginger thins that Jessie had made and talked and talked and talked and drank beer and port and told all kinds of old jokes and were generally lunatic. Wahoo!

It's grey and rainy and drizzly today and we're heading off to the wedding in about half an hour and I'm really glad I packed my big stompy waterproof motorcycle boots to wear with my Hawaiian shirt in the park (this is a casual dress wedding), which will be lovely despite the damp because there is likely to be Hava Nagila despite the fact that no-one in the wedding is actually Jewish.
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