Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Worst. Flight. EVER.

I am in Galveston. Yesterday morning I was in Boston. I had to call a cab at Stupid O'clock in the morning yesterday, but it got me to Logan and then I flew home (via St. Louis) and despite an hour delay leaving St. Louis, I still got home right about when I expected to, and I got to see my boys and relax some.

I had to do laundry and repack and I was up until 2 burning CD-ROMs of my game, so I started off my day pretty tired, because my flight was supposed to leave at 10 am, so I had to catch the SkyRide that gets to the airport at 8:30, which means catching the bus near my house at 7:20. But, y'know, not so bad.

Note the key phrase "supposed to" in the previous paragraph.

Flight was supposed to leave at 10 am and arrive at about 1:15, central time. Guess when we actually landed? Go on, guess.


Oh! Em! EFF! Gee!

The flight was seven hours late!

First, we had to wait for our flight crew to show up, so we boarded late. Then we taxied out onto the runway and something was wrong with one of the engines, so they had to fix it. And then they had to fix it again. And then a third time! At this point, they parked the plane and we went back to the terminal and waited, and eventually, they told us they had gotten us new equipment and we got back on the plane. (It turns out that "new equipment" doesn't actually mean "a new plane" the way they kind of insinuate, because it was the same plane, so I guess it just means they swapped out the bad bits.)

So then we had to wait for a new place in line to take off. And then, finally, finally! we're in the air and heading towards Houston, and there was a massive thunderstorm that shut Houston down and we had to divert to San Antonio! (And wait for the weather to clear up, and wait to get refueled, and wait for a new place in line to take off...)

Holy crap did that suck.
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