Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

HCD 1.1

See, this is why it pays to figure out what you ought to be discussing before you embark upon the discussion!

I was all set to start blathering about the wrong thing.

It seems pretty clear that everyone who's responded to my poll about climate change has an understanding of the basic scientific concepts. We don't have anybody saying "no, no, it's all fake", instead we have folks asking "well, sure, climate change is happening, but how much of it is anthropogenic and what should we do about it?" Which is a much more interesting question. (And a much more sophisticated position than the editorial that spurred this whole thing.)

So I'm going to change the subject and instead try to get at some important issues related to this subject by addressing what we call decision-making under uncertainty.

...except that I have to do it tomorrow, because right now, it's bedtime.

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