Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

yuck and birthday, unrelated

Bluh. It is my turn to have The Yuck. Aches, severe lethargy, and digestive upset. Jerry had it first, then Greg, and I was hoping to avoid it, but no such luck. Shortly after lunch, I realized I just wasn't going to get anything done today, so I came home and slept for four hours.

We had birthday G&C for Greg this evening. Along with the usual crowd of ruffians, we got Mel, Sarah, and Chris & Todd, yay! Karen made chocolate death cake. We didn't do much besides hang out and chat (and corral small childrens), but it was still quite nice.

We're off to the mountains tomorrow to visit my Mom & Larry. Hopefully the traffic won't be too awful.
Tags: health, radium, social

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