Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I'll procrastinate later, right now I'm too busy doing other things

Today I finished Star Control 2*, washed all the dishes and all the laundry, caught up on email, LJ, and webcomics, paid bills, and figured out how to do a bunch of neat things in PostScript**.

There's really nothing like avoidance for boosting your productivity on all the tasks you're not avoiding...

*The final stages were REALLY hard (for me, anyway), but the game has a very good ending. I wandered through one of the fansites afterwards and discovered that the designers have some serious game-design cred besides just SC2. Like, one of the guys invented thri-kreen. Which is just very cool.

**The answer is, in some cases, "write a program in another language that generates PostScript."
Tags: geekery, procrastination, quotidia

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