Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Talisman and fireworks

Monday evening, the three of us went down to Karen & Thomas's (through a pouring rainstorm) to play Talisman with Thomas. My first character got royally hosed on the very first turn, so I managed to get him killed off in fairly short order and started over with a new character. It was pretty clear that I wasn't going to win the game, but I managed to make up some new plans and goals for myself, and had a good time wandering around the board trying to accomplish them, so I regard that as a victory.

Talisman is kind of weird that way, because it doesn't have very deep strategy -- most of the time, the only decision to make is "left or right". But it's still fun, and I think it's because you spend a lot of time encountering novel, colorful obstacles and getting involved in the game's narrative. So the entertainment is mostly about flavor and identification, which means it's not very far from tabletop RPGs where making up your goal is par for the course.

Yesterday I worked a good chunk of the day from home (too much to do this week, ack) until heading over to the Floyds' for our now traditional barbecue and sauntering over to the high-school football field to watch fireworks. Jerry was super-tired, not having gotten much downtime this weekend, so he stayed home and slept, but Bryree came along with us. It rained again, and we nearly missed the fireworks (they were delayed by an hour), but one of the nice things about being an adult is that you know that there will be a 4th of July next year, too, so it's not a big deal.
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