Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

My Geek Is Showing

Additional rules:

1) I am allowed to write about RPGs, so long as I refrain from externalizing my non-public narrative.. In other words, no talking about what happened in the game unless there is some point that would be appreciated by someone who wasn't there.

2) I am allowed to write entries that are boring and/or short.

Friday evening was Call of Cthulhu over at the Floyds'. Chris is running Beyond the Mountains of Madness, and we finally got together for another session. It's a fun game; I'm enjoying it quite a bit, and I'm psyched that Jerry is enjoying it, too. Shared activities are good for the relationship.

There was an interesting moment (which, as per rule 1, I won't detail because a) you had to be there, and b) it turned out that I was actually wrong in my interpretation) that made me realize something I like. One of the things I think is really neat in an RPG, and which I realize I'm trying to build into most of the big games-or-maybe-novels that I'm perpetually working on, are moments of illumination. Times when you put together lots of pieces and suddenly understand what the big picture looks like. Ideally, these are accompanied by a sort of sinking feeling and you start to realize what the implications are...

I'm not sure that I can recall any particular instances of this kind of moment in a game (or a book, or maybe movies), but I know that I must have experienced it. You'd think, given how interesting I find them, that I'd remember them.

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