Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Weekend update: Batman + Shakespeare

I had overtime to burn off, so I stayed at home on Friday. Since we had a houseguest coming, (Batman /bats22), coming to visit, I even managed to get the bathroom to a state of non-disgustingness, about 15 minutes before he arrived.

He took us out to dinner (Yak & Yeti) and we spent a chunk of the evening exchanging data. Literally -- we copied a bunch of stuff (pictures, music) between my computer and his removable hard drive. Looked at a lot of scanned photos from college and thought "oh my GOD do I look young! And skinny."

Saturday was pretty low-key. Greg, Bats & I got lunch at one of the pho places, then poked around the gigantic asian market, then I dropped Greg off and took Batman down to Denver to hand him off to Julee, who is one of the MIT/TEP circle and has just moved to town to go to med school and seems very cool. Didn't have much time to chat before I had to zip back up to Boulder where we went to Silvermine subs (which are Greg's favorite in the whole world) to meet bryree before the show (CSF's Merchant of Venice, which he has in).

I enjoyed the play a lot. I hadn't seen MoV before, and it's fun. Portia (both the character and the actress) rocked hardcore, and the two princes were vastly entertaining. Shylock was acted very well. It's kind of a troublesome part, since anti-semetism was the norm in Elizabethan times, but the director put him halfway between victim and villain and I think it mostly worked. I was totally impressed with Bryan's off-stage opera bits, too. (As Bryan warned us, there were some parts that were interpreted as teh ghey, which actually worked pretty well, I thought.)

Didn't accomplish a damn thing yesterday. My motivation appears to have fallen onto the floor, and somehow I just can't work up the energy to go looking for it...

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