Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Summary: stuff I did

Thursday: Games at Tom O's place in the evening. Playtested Dan's election game. Played Claim Jumper (I think) with Kate and Matt K., which was fun, then mused about forces of history.

Friday: Going-away part for a coworker in the evening at other coworker's gorgeously-located house up in the hills. Then went with kung_fu_monkey to pick up his brother at the airport at midnight. (He's come into town to work at the software-testing company Jerry works at for a while.)

Saturday: Third birthday party for Liese, the Floyds' daughter. Pink sparkly shoes were a big hit. Did a Barbie Tarot reading for returntoshore. Indulged my compulsive tendencies by making little-kid bead necklaces and bracelets with carefully-sorted color gradients.

Yesterday: Weirdly cranky all day long for no good reason. Was planning to work on some projects, but everything was annoying. Re-read books (I, Robot by Asimov and Monstrous Regiment by Pratchett) instead. Hid in the bedroom so as not to bite people. Huge thunderstorm in the evening. Played a little X-Men with Jerry and his brother before bedtime.

Today: Dinking about with web form. Had an interesting brainstorm about one of my perpetual gaming projects (totally unrelated to all the stuff I've been attempting to work on lately) on the way to work. Debating how early to head home.

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