Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Dance-tastic Midweekery

A quick update, since the last couple times I've tried to write a blog post before going to bed I sort of sat in front of the computer for a few minutes, then decided I was too damn tired to write anything. Don't know what's up with that, but I've felt sort of draggy all week.

Got a bunch of things taken off the todo list. The big thing I got going this week was decoupling "updating game state" and "it's a new turn" from one another, so that we can send out an update in the middle of things. And that allowed me to make the proposals take effect as soon as they pass, which let me finish off the OpenSpace proposal, which means that the ecology score is now updating properly, etc. etc. Now there's just one proposal from turn 1 that isn't basically finished.

Went to tai chi class Wednesday evening. Then Kung Fu Monkey and I watched Identity. An interesting movie; not great, but decent. It had a much better excuse for the murder-mystery/suspense cliches than most movies. The power blipped out right at the very end of the movie, which was a little bit freaky. It was more annoying, though, when I realized that it interrupted the file transfer I had going between the computers. (Backing stuff up to a removable hard-drive.)

Yesterday afternoon Eric & I had our meeting with our GUI team. This is a trio of CU students who are taking a class on user interfaces; for their big class project, they're going to take our game and do some usability analysis and testing and tell us how we can improve it. So that'll be nice.

Even better, bryree came over last night, and helped us get the laptop connected. Yaaaay! Details in the comments of a post a couple back from this one, not that anyone cares. Then we broke in the new DDR game (Extreme, I think), which Monkey had picked up. Whee! Lots of fun! Bryan's skill grows by leaps and bounds. The new game has lotsa good music, and probably the best UI yet. Sooo much easier to figure out exactly what's going on. Plus, it's really nice to see that on this one (and on the previous one, I suppose) they've finally worked out how to do beginner mode properly. Pretty much every song is actually playable at novice level now, which makes it a lot more fun to introduce somebody to the game. Back when I was starting to play, we only had DDR Konamix, which has, like, two songs with a difficulty rating below 3, and they're all slow R&B things of little interest. So it's great that they have better introductory level material now.

Today, not much interesting so far. We're planning on heading over to the Joneses' for more DDR (my week is dance-tastic!), and hopefully Bryree will join us tonight, too! None of this tomorrow, though, or my ankles are liable to start plotting revenge...

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