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I visited Gramma this evening. She's 92 and getting older, but she can still talk your leg off. I'm getting better at jumping in to add to the conversation, though, rather than just listening all the time.

I found out that the chair that sits by the door in her hous was made by my grandfather's great-grandfather, for his wife, who would sit in it on the porch and do things like prep vegetables for cooking. It has a split in the top of one of the legs where she would always stick her paring knife into it when she was done.

Zipped home after work and cooked the stir-fry that I got ready last night. Cambodian. Pork, tofu, and asparagus, but I used green beans instead because we had them and asparagus is too expensive at the moment. Plus some garlic and a fish sauce / oyster sauce / sugar / green onion sauce. Very tasty.

Bryree randomly dropped by our house yesterday evening, and since Jerry and Greg were both soon heading towards bed, he came over to the Floyds' with me, where we just hung out and chatted about games and stuff.

Saturday, we went up to Boulder for the tai chi club's performance at the Asian culture festival. It rained a lot at first, but cleared off after a while. It was very cool. Fan form rocks. Also very impressive were the two young women who did solo Indian dances. When it comes to traditional ethnic dress, India wins. They were gorgeous -- girls, outfits, dances, the whole thing. Grabbed lunch from one of the many food stalls. Wandered through the farmer's market afterwards and didn't buy anything, but got a sense of what's available.

Spent a good chunk of the weekend working on a nifty little software project.

Went to the doctor Friday and got the persistent achiness in my heel diagnoses as random tendon unhappiness. I'm on heavy ibuprofen, icing it twice a day, and stretching exercises before I get up in the morning.

Last... Wednesday? Tuesday? Chris and Todd were in Boulder and I wanted a day off anyway, so I met them for lunch and didn't go to work.

And I had that big long philosophy post, which I felt compelled to make a new icon for that I kinda like.

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