Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Greg and I moved heavy things for the Nevilles yesterday (they're getting new carpet) and they fed us pasta with ho-sauce. (Alla puttanesca, but it's so much more fun to say "ho-sauce". Althought I suppose it really ought to be ho-STYLE-sauce, but I think that's really putting a lot more thought into the subject than it really deserves.) Then we played a Lego boardgame, which was more amusing than it deserved to be for the low amount of strategy.

I read lostncove's latest play, MINT, today, and it made me want to go on stage. That was pretty cool. If anyone I know ever decides to put it on around these parts (which, while unlikely, is not completely outside the realm of possibility, given that toosuto's production of um-I-forget-what is the reason we know bryree), I have dibs on the part of Harold.

None of them have been interesting enough to remember for very long, but I've been having dreams lately that I actually remembered after waking up, which is kind of unusual.

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