Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

The retreat went pretty well. There were times while it was happening that I was frustrated or annoyed, and by the end of it I was worn out and nearly incoherent, but I came out of it with some interesting ideas for projects and I feel pretty psyched about work. So I guess it worked! Plus there were plenty of leftover Lindor chocolates to bring home.

Monkey bought me a bunch of Astro City trade paperbacks, as well as a copy of Understanding Comics. Yay! Both are highly recommended. The really neat thing about Understanding Comics is that the author will explain how weirdly something in comics works, and then he'll make it happen right there in the middle of the explanation. It's very cool.

Saturday (after lots of lazing), we went over to the Floyds' and played Arkham Horror with Chris & Rose, Kate, Matt, Jeff, and Bryree (although not all of them were there the whole time). We played with the new expansion set, which, among other things, has the potential for an individual investigator to get to fight a Great Old One. Needless to say, the investigator usually loses. (Chris actually survived his run-in with Cthulhu, but was so gimped that an environmental effect did him in the next round. Fortunately, the game allows for that kind of thing.)

Yesterday was BBQ and live-action Over the Edge session at Keith's. Well, technically probably "dinner party", since we had jambalaya rather than burgers. 'Twas fun. There was a little puzzle we had to work out, which we did, though it took some work to extract the relevant information from all the characters. I was gratified to find that my costuming worked. Apparently, fedora + trench coat + gravelly voice = noir/gangster for most people, as I had hoped. I was kind of surprised to realize that my character, while plenty weird, is far from the weirdest in the current batch of PCs. Usually I have the lock on weird. Not complaining, just kinda different.

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