Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Grocery bags and games, assorted

I have these nifty new green reusable cloth grocery bags, because my sweetie Gregorimus noticed that they were available at the library and bought some, and I am telling you that you should go buy yourself some bags like these, NOT because they are all eco-friendly and suchlike (although they are), but because they are SO MUCH BETTER for the actual carrying of groceries. They fold out box-shaped like paper grocery bags and hold a whole lot (including the pizzas that never fit in the plastic bags), but they're sturdy cloth and they have a reinforced bottom and OH MY GOD HANDLES that make it actually easy and comfortable to carry a gajillion pounds of groceries. Wootness, I do believe!

Lego Star Wars II is a really fun game. I helped Greg polish off some of the levels on Saturday while Jerry was studying. And it's funny, too! We had to return the rental, and now my house is full of Justice League Heroes, but we may well buy it later on when we have money.

Went over to Chris's to play Caylus on Saturday, which is one of those place guys to make stuff to make other stuff to make victory points kind of games. We were surprised to finish in a vaguely reasonable amount of time (even though we started really late). I had fun, but my strategy ran out about five turns before the end of the game.

Yesterday was all about laziness. And laundry. Oh, and we ran by Black & Read to pick up wedding present stuff for Gus & Ann and I found a used copy of GURPS Uplift (which is so out of print). I got it almost more as a supplement to the novels than as a game, but it has entertained me nonetheless.
Tags: gaming, quotidia

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