Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Whee! I'm blonde!

blonde 1
blonde 2

Greg helped me with the bleaching. I'm sort of claiming that it's for Halloween, and that my costume is evil me from the mirror universe, but mostly it's a convenient excuse to bleach my hair, which I haven't done since a larp I played a few years ago.

Harvest party at the Floyds' this afternoon. Jerry made zucchini boats, ALL of which got eaten. I made the vietnamese pumpkin butternut squash, which was mostly eaten. And pistachio pie, which didn't get eaten at all, but hey, more for me. Actually got to see Karen & Thomas and Jeff & Alice and Tom & Heather, which was cool; we haven't seen them lately because they've all been very busy. I did Barbie tarot for Rose, Rhonda, and Mary. Also took a couple pictures of nekkid toddler with which to mortify in front of dates in about 15 years time, heh heh.

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