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Since last week:

Already went and voted, last Friday. Also registered my car.

Saturday, I helped k8cre8 take all her Mom's stuff out of a storage unit and stuff it into a truck. Whee! I'm apparently relatively good at this game. I can't tell whether that car is coming at me slowly enough for me to make the turn (30 seconds later: yes. Yes, it was.), but by god I can tell you whether that box will fit into that space and hold everything in place! Greg and Jerry took themselves and Jerry's little brother up to Greeley to visit family while I was doing that, since Jerry's mom was in town because Jerry's new nephew was in the NICU with slightly underdeveloped lungs (he's doing fine now, and I think was coming home today). Went over to Chris's in the evening and played the new boardgame by Bruno Faidutti, Mission: Red Planet. It's about Victorians colonizing Mars, and it's fun. It has some mechanics similar to Citadels. The board wasn't as dynamic as I expected it to be, but I won anyway thanks to luck and judicious use of my secret bonus cards.

Sunday I was reminded that I'm now in my 30s and my body finds moving furniture to be a more objectionable activity than it was a decade ago. Urgh. Mostly just read and dinked around with RPG stuff.

HOLY CRAP was that a good sunset! I just ran out and took a bunch of pictures. Yay for bits being cheap!

Anyway, where was I? So I finally had that meeting with my boss to find out about proceeding with this, that, and the other today. It went well (and quickly; she praised my organization and approach to checking-in, woohoo!), though I have to wait for another week or two before we can discuss my ideas for new projects, but that's cool.

I would tell everyone to vote, but either you already have or you're rushing to the polls before they close, and my contrarian streak is rearing its head, so instead I will tell people DON'T VOTE! GO FIND PEOPLE WHOSE HEADS ARE FILLED WITH BAD IDEAS AND STOP THEM FROM VOTING INSTEAD HA HA HA!
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