Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Long Weekend

Yesterday was a big games evening at Tom & Heather's, so I spent a good chunk of the 4-day weekend working on a revision to my bugs boardgame. I sadly wasn't able to rebuild my prototype in time, but I did manage to get all the rules modifications figured out, I think. And I now have a bunch of nice high-quality PostScript graphics that I can regenerate any time I change the rules, rather than pixelated image files. Just need to htmlify all the new rules and redo the labels...

We decided to finally join the 21st century and got a netflix subscription, so tonight we watched the first 2 discs of Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It makes me want to run/play a cyberpunk RPG. The tachikomas are very cool!

Got a haircut yesterday, so now I'm only blond on top. I'm debating how to trim the facial hair to match.

I have been listening to the soundtrack to A New Brain quite a bit lately. (melted_snowball gave me a copy when he visited.) I find that musicals really grow on me over time. I start out liking one or two songs, but little bits of others stick in my brain and before long I'm listening to the whole thing over and over.

Finally had the meeting with my boss on Wednesday of last week and got the go-ahead on a bunch of projects. After a long 4-day weekend, I'm feeling fairly psyched for work tomorrow.

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