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Took most of the day off Friday and got a bunch of Christmas shopping done. It wasn't too bad. I still have to find something for my Mom, but otherwise things are pretty much done.

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and since I went to POM, I picked up some Basil Seed Drink. (This is the rule: when you go to the asian market, you have to try something strange and foreign, because maybe it will be wonderful. But because it might also be yuck, you're allowed to get something you know that you like as well.) Tried it tonight. It's... interesting. Creamy, herbal, got little lumps kind of like tiny tiny boba pearls. The thing it tastes most like is sweetened grass clippings. I don't hate it, but I may not finish the whole can.

We have a potluck at work on Wednesday. I'm going to make a frittata, because it's easy.

Responding to email seems like a huge chore lately. Not sure what's up with that.
Tags: shopping

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