Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

New Year's Eve!

Whee, it's new year's eve, which means we're off to the Floyds' for fondue. We're bringing mahjong and a pile of dark chocolate for the melting and dipping. Plus some clementines, because they seems like they might dip well, some pumpernickel bread my Mom sent home with us at Xmas (thanks, Mom! The stores have been out of bread lately with all the snow impeding bakery trucks...) and a couple apples. Oh, and Barbie tarot and Munchkin Impossible, which I got for Xmas. So I expect it will be a grand time.

Greg & Jerry have been playing a lot of Okami lately. It's a game that makes me happy for a number of reasons. It's pretty gorgeous, with a really distinctive artistic style. It's got interesting Japanese mythology. You feed the little woodland critters instead of fighting them. The main character is female, but is not helpless, oversexualized, or incredibly badass. (Okay, the main character is also the sun goddess Amaterasu in the form of a wolf -- but still!)

Still cold, but gorgeous and sunny outside the last couple days. So I've been sitting inside working on the proposal draft I didn't finish on Friday. (Though I did take a good chunk of yesterday off to run a one-shot D&D psionics adventure for G&J. Fun, whee! And got useful feedback from it.)

No work tomorrow, but I still have lots to do to get ready for my trip. So much laundry!

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