Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Sweet Martian Typewriter Wine!

We played The Big Idea this evening, and as you can see from this post's title, I have a new general purpose exclamation. (If you don't know, The Big Idea is a Cheapass game about coming up with exciting new products using cards with random nouns and adjectives. The best part is pitching your product to try and get other players to invest in it.) Much like Apples to Apples, it depends a lot on having the right mix of players, but with a good group, it's hysterical.

Other great new products: the Gigantic Cardboard Penguin, the Modular Solid-state Cat, the Accelerated Clown Gazebo, and the Revolving Celtic Death-Plague.

Though I don't know if anything will ever live up to Jeff's "Extravagant Time Shark" from a few years ago.

Happy New Year, all!

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