Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Playing catchup again...

Went into the (closed) office today, and after considerable procrastination and a good helping of waiting around for servers to stop falling over, I managed to get through editing about half of the Big Grant Proposal, which seems to have busted the not-posty mood I've been in lately.

I'm trying to remember what I've been doing since I got back last Tuesday and I can't come up with much, which means I think that it was mostly "catching up". Filling out travel vouchers, replying to work email I ignored while away, returning busted laptop, meetings, etc. Plus at home there was lots of laundry and shopping and cooking and putting things into the storage unit and sundry other domesticitiousness.

Man, has it been COLD lately! On Saturday I think it was low 4, high 8. That's not normal for these parts, especially not for an extended period like this. The worst part is that it's keeping the snow from all those snowstorms (which, lemme tell ya, we're about tired of) from melting off. Our street never got properly plowed the first time, so you can't really park curbside, which means that because there aren't actually enough spaces in our lot, we have to park in the parking lot for the shopping mall across the street.

Everyone in the northeast who's wondering where your winter went? We found it! Feel free to come and get it anytime. Seriously.

Seekrit Satan party last night. I made vietnamese chicken salad (not profiteroles this year), Greg made chinese meatballs, and Jerry made the ginger-sesame green beans. Had a pretty good turnout, though some folks (like Karen) didn't make it due to crappy roads. Jerry tried valiantly to disguise the fact that he'd gotten me as a recipient, but I recognized the wrapping paper and was worried about Kate having two gifts (he'd cleverly hidden mine in a bag labelled "Kate" for transport), so I guessed. I got a boardgame ("Drakon"), which means I will have a giant pile of them to take up to Silverthorne this weekend. I had a serious foodie conversation with Cara early in the evening, which was good because it meant she would be pleased with the collection of swanky salt and artisan chocolate and suchlike I gave her, and she was. Somebody (Ted?) managed to give Chris Floyd a boardgame he didn't have, which is a noteworthy feat. Those of us who are going to be playing in Jeff's Eberron campaign geeked about character ideas a bit.

Okay, that's enough from me.

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