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Quickly, because I am off to see Pan's Labyrinth with ng_nighthawk at 8:30 (sadly sans Monkey and Kuma, because they have too much to do):

Friday was birthday gaming fest at the Ottems' for Tom & Jeff. We opened up the copy of Tom Jolly's Drakon that I got for Seekrit Sayten and found it to be quick and fun. We finished an entire game in the time it took other folks to organize and set up Arkham Horror. Which we then played. We being me, Jerry, Chris, Jeff, Mike K., and Greg, until he had to go home and the recently-arrived Bryree subbed in for him -- everyone else went upstairs and played Power Grid, which I still haven't gotten to play yet. But! We had the Dunwich Horror expansion. It was kind of a strange game; our GOO was Hastur, who makes it harder to seal gates, and then we got a really nasty rumor card that consistently tied up two to three of us staving it off until Mike was able to complete a little quest thing that let us get rid of it. In the meantime, we managed to seal exactly zero gates. After that was all done, we were totally hosed and hadn't gotten anywhere, so we said to heck with it, let's just fight the GOO and end the game. Usually this means losing horribly (we may even have missed triggering it a couple turns earlier), but just a round or two before the end, we got a second rumor card that made 4 out of the 6 of us blessed -- which means a roll of 4-6 was a success, not just a 5-6. And so we fought Hastur, and we actually ended up winning! It was very strange.

Saturday, Greg had to work and Jerry and I went unshopping. That is, we went to Best Buy and sent his (now mine, since he has the new one) laptop in for repairs, because the fan is really noisy and it occasionally just dies, which means overheating and that's bad. Then we went to the sporting goods store and returned the Worst Pair of Snowpants Ever, the ones I bought for the ski trip, because the first time I put them on, I pulled on a velcro strap and instead of unvelcroing, it tore away from the rest of the pants. Lame! Plus, they were horribly uncomfortable and rode down, and that's just no good.

Sunday was character creation for Jeff's new game. Carpooled with Bryree over there early to see the babbies, who seem to be entering the stage of "not Mom or Dad = scary". It looks like it will be a fun campaign. It's Eberron in dark-pulp mode; Jeff is decheesifying a bunch of old Ravenloft modules, the game starts with the characters waking up in a sanitarium, and all the characters have a mystery template applied to them that has something to do with being bonded to something evil. Our recurring nemesis is a paladin of the Church of the Silver Flame. I think it will be interesting.

In our party we have a House Deneith monk (Alice); a former-silver flame dwarven cleric (Kate); a shifter barbarian/ranger (Bryree) and a warforged psychic warrior (Thomas), both of whom go all wolf-shaped in combat; and I'm playing... a bard. A gnomish bard. This is kind of a strange choice, because the whole "sing to make people fight better" thing drives me absolutely batty, but it turns out that if you get rid of the whole music thing, mechanically, the class works really well for a charismatic spy-type character, and it gives you a nice smattering of low-power but cool abilities, and that's what I'm psyched to play. So I just took all the options that made it a lot more like he's just really charismatic and persuasive with some magical ability, rather than "tapping into the magic of song!", and made myself a former spy. I think it will be fun. So long as we all recognize that there will be no singing!

And last night was more Paranoia Agent. It still makes no sense, and I'm not expecting it to until the end, and even then it might require some looking things up. But it's enjoyable in the meantime. And I put together one of the Stikfas I got for Xmas. Jerry has dubbed it Bubble Stomper, and I like that.

Plus, I made some tasty sausage-broccoli-onion-grape stuff, and Saturday I made pekmez's beef stew dish, which was really tasty.

My Mom's cat died, which is sad. She had a nasal tumor and a heart murmur, and was doing very poorly so they had to put her to sleep. But Mom & Larry had their 25th anniversary yesterday, which is cool.

And tstop and orbitalmechanic have the Widget! Hooray! That's so awesome.

Now I just have to be not lame about posting...
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