Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Bullet points:

  • Boardgames at Chris's last Saturday. Drakon and, um, an exploring-the-jungle-temple game that's mostly about chickening out at the right time. I did really well the second round, and would have won, I think, if I hadn't returned to camp before there were even any hazards. Me, Chris, Matt, Tom, Neal, IIRC.
  • I brought home work this weekend, but (after a very late night on Tuesday) the proposal is pretty much down to just paperwork now. Hooray!
  • I finished Airborn, which zalena gave me, and which I enjoyed greatly. Airships -- what's not to like? Recommended.
  • After a meeting this morning, I believe that I can now add "Co-Data Czar" to the list of my duties at work.
  • Yesterday (and to some degree today) it was foggy and there was a coating of frost on all the branches. Very pretty! Snow has finally melted off enough that some of the parking spaces are starting to come back.
  • I am getting to participate in the online beta of a very cool game. Wish I could say more than that, but I cannot.
  • Last night, I made pork chops with nectarines and red onions on wild rice, and I was really pleased with how they turned out. I was experimental -- I made the recipe a little bit asian on the fly (rice wine instead of white wine, some soy sauce in the broth, a few drops of sesame oil), and really, nectarines? -- but it worked.
  • T-Stop and Jessie have a baby! W00t! They are still in China, but thanks to the magic of teh Intarwebs, I have already seen pix and movies.

Has everyone seen High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography like the stuff at ? Sometimes the over-processed look works, and sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes the realistic ones are persuasive, and sometimes they look fake, but, man, when these pix are good, they're spectacular.

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