Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

So I intended to write a bunch about art this weekend, but that got completely derailed because I got sucked into beta-testing the Very Cool Game with Greg & Jerry & Bryree and staying up really late instead. (It's very cool.) But I'm still thinking about it.

The local newspaper has decided to shrink the Sunday comics page from 6 pages to 4. This means that many comics are now crammed into a half-sized space about the dimensions of a paperback book cover. I left the editor a nasty voicemail, and I think that if they don't put it back, it's time to cancel the Sunday subscription and start reading them online.

Sarah & Cara & Mel came over for Noir Night tonight (& Bryree later). Greg made tasty spaghetti for dinner. Sarah brought very tasty cookies. I skipped the movie and worked on my annual review and biographical sketch instead, sigh.

Talked to my Mom this morning, and we agreed that we're both happier when we're learning something new than just coasting on what we already know.

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