Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Today, I did hardly anything. There was a lot of napping, and it was nice.

We had celebratory dinner at the (newish) Thai place across the street last night. The first time Jerry and Greg went there, it wasn't very good, but I think they were just still getting their bearings, because it was quite good. I had a duck curry that I really liked. Oh, and they gave us complimentary cups of a clear soup (sweet/sour, cilantro, jicama?) before and a complimentary dessert (sticky rice with mango, and my god did it make my mouth happy) afterward.

So I can highly recommend it to any of y'all who live around here. Khow Thai. (It's right next to La Casita.)

Our monthly games night migrated to Chris's house last night, too. We played Alhambra (fun, though I didn't do well at all) and a couple rounds of Incan Gold (the one about finding treasure in a temple that I couldn't remember the name of). I like that one a lot; it's simple, quick, and still pretty complicated, because what's a good strategy depends entirely on how many other players there are and what their strategies are.

When I left near midnight, it felt nearly warm outside. I think a chinook was moving in.

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