Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Took my grandmother to see my little brother & sister in their high-school musical last night.

It was State Fair, which I had never heard of before, but it's a Rodgers & Hammerstein from 1933, updated in 1945, and redone in 2006 on Broadway. It's about an Iowa farm family (with son about 21 and daughter about 18) who go to the 1946 state fair, and I'll bet you can guess the rest of it from there: mother wins underdog prize for cooking, something funny happens involving the father's pig, both son & daughter meet a love interest, heartbreak looms, but then in the final scene it all works out and everyone is married off. (I was really impressed right up to that final scene, because it seemed the point of the story was going to be "sometimes first love doesn't work out, and yeah, it sucks, but there will be other loves, and you shouldn't confuse infatuation with love," and that would have been really interesting, but then the final scene cheesed it up.

Anyway, I can honestly say that my brother was the best male singer in the whole show. And I think he was in the top 3 or 4 for acting. (He played daughter's love interest.) And my sister was pretty good, too, though she was only in the chorus. And I was quite impressed with the son (the best actor, a decent singer) and his love interest (great singer & dancer & good actress), so on that front, it was quite good for a high-school musical. The dancing was very good. The orchestra... the orchestra made me glad for the songs that were mostly percussion, because it's hard for drums to be out of tune.

Got to see Boyd & Emily in from New York, but didn't get a chance to see the new place or their baby, because by the end of it at 10, Grandma was fading. Not surprising -- she *is* 92. But it was nice to see family, if only briefly.

Oh, and that means that there are at least two musicals that feature Iowa prominently enough to have a song that's about the state, and that is way too many!.
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