Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Ghost Food

Thomas's Ghostwalk campaign was today. I volunteered to cook dinner, so I spent a large chunk of the day doing that.

I went to the asian market over on 120th and Main for supplies. I managed to run out of fish sauce! When I first bought that giant bottle of nuoc mam, I thought it would last me the rest of my life, especially after I made the mistake of tasting it straight. I guess my asian cookbook is pretty good... Also bought some Chinese celery, which was alien and styrofoamy, so I had to get plain celery as well from Safeway.

The main dish (a vietnamese salad with chicken in it) turned out quite well. The eggplant was okay. It tasted pretty good, but was mushy and very oily. For dessert, I was going to do strawberry ice-cream, because I bought a flat of strawberries a week ago and pureed most of it. Unfortunately, the freezer core for Karen and Thomas's ice-cream maker was not in the freezer when Thomas looked early this afternoon, and it takes about 9 hours to chill down. Luckily, however, I was able to rescue things. I found a recipe for fruit mousse in the beautiful food photography cookbook. The difference between fruit mousse and homemade philadelphia-style fruit ice-cream (fruit puree + sugar + cream), it turns out, is a little bit of gelatin, whipping the cream, and whether or not it's frozen. So one packet of sugar-free lemon jello and a mixer set things right. Served it in wineglasses for schwankiness, whee!

The game was fun. A funny thing: I had privately decided earlier that I was going to play somewhat reckless and see if I could get my character killed. (Since it's ghostwalk, that means he gets to be a ghost and have nifty abilities, see.) But the session started off with a combat, and Thomas rolled just enough damage on two attacks to take my character all the way down to -10 HP and dead, with no fudging. Sometimes it seems like the dice don't roll randomly at all, but are skewed by the dramatic structure of the game world. Later on in the evening, we were referring to my character's death as a "cut scene"...

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