Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Keymousing, Rita Hayworth, and Fire

I just tried to get the mouse pointer to scroll down onto the laptop keyboard so I could click on the "page down" (or rather, "PgDn") key.

Is that bad?

We watched Gilda tonight. Now I understand why everyone had pinups of Rita Hayworth all over in the 40s: she was hawt. And dang, but she could sing. She had some of the most awesomely evil and venomous dialogue in that movie.

On Friday evening, the apartment building where we used to live a few years ago (across the street and a small field from us) caught fire. I got home just after they had put it out, so all I saw was fire trucks, but Jerry saw it burning. I went over and looked at it yesterday on my way to get groceries. There weren't signs of fire on the other sides of the building, so I wonder if maybe it was just an exterior fire that burned the outside of the building. They covered over all the aging wood on those buildings with vinyl siding a little while back; on the adjacent building, it had melted where it faced the fire. I haven't been able to find anything in the news about the fire.

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