Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

SCIENCE!: Things that make me say "wow"!

I've been spending the day wading through my inbox. I found a bunch of science news articles that make me say "wow!" (Read 'em quick, before the links rot...)

The universe is a "string-net liquid" aka, noodle soup.

There's enough water in the Martian ice caps to cover the planet 36 feet deep.

Caves on Mars, too.

You have a lot more than five senses.

Bee noises identify toxins.

Cassini has found seas on Titan.

Polymers that detect bacteria by glowing.

Microfluidic bubble computing.

Researchers in Israel are growing a date palm from a 2,000-year old seed

An ancient solar observatory in Peru.

We might have found a Higgs boson.

Superconducting materials may be heading towards the mainstream.

There's a chunk of crust missing on the ocean floor.

Louse genetics tells you when clothes were invented.

The YORP effect makes asteroids spin! (Worth it just for the name.)

Russian pogo boots!

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