Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Busy weekend. Birthday party for small childrens on Saturday afternoon, followed by Jeff's Eberron game. (Amusing mechanic of the day: my character made his Decipher Script roll, so we got to read the version of the handout that was edited for clarity, rather than the rough draft...)

Sunset Boulevard on Sunday, which well deserves its reputation as a classic. I had no idea how many things were references to this movie. (Cruella deVille, a great many drag queens..)

Julee came up and we had dinner at La Casita tonight. It's always interesting getting to know somebody who has a bunch of shared background with you, even though you didn't share it at the same time.

We've started having weekly update meetings at work on Tuesday mornings, just a quick "here's what I'm doing this week" kind of thing. It's forced me to be a lot more organized about juggling all my different projects, which is a good thing. I'm getting better about thinking through the details of what needs to be done for a particular task, rather than just diving in. There's still plenty of yak-shaving, but it's easier to keep track of what I was originally intending to do when I'm eight layers down in the dependency chain this way.

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