Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Jay & Laura passed through

I have managed to accomplish an astonishing amount of nothing so far this weekend. Bills and taxes tomorrow, but for today, it's been all about computer games and websurfing.

We got to see Jay & Laura (and a whole huge pile of other people -- nearly all the usual crowd, plus bonus extras like Keith and Dan and Bill) on their way through town on the way from San Diego to Massachusetts on Thursday. Hooray! It was great to see them, and it looks like it's a move that will be very positive. They both looked really happy. (And now there will be yet more people to go see in the Boston area.)

I had a moment of "oh my god, we are such grown-ups" at the party, when I realized that a bunch of us were sitting around discussing software development management techniques and source control software. In our defense, it was a very interesting topic. I had this realization that when I start doing some of the heavy-duty data quality assurance work later on this year, I should get some advice from my friends, because several of them are, like, QA professionals. Go figure.

Another interesting tidbit: so I have this theory about how most people are overly paranoid about food safety. I eat things that have been sitting out on the counter overnight all the time, and I've never gotten food poisoning. Oogy tummy sometimes, sure, but I've never thrown up because of something I ate. So I figure it's adaptation. If you eat things that are a little bit off now and again, your body gets used to it and is more equipped to handle it, right? Anyway, I discovered that a couple other folks have the same theory. Dan even has some evidence: he partook of a dish that gave everyone else food poisoning, and he didn't get sick. Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to figure out how you can distinguish between that hypothesis and the reverse, which is that some of us have iron stomachs and gradually learn we can afford to be lax about minor spoilage...

Anyway, we had twenty people there (not counting kids), just to hang out, see some friends from out of town, eat things from the grill, and talk about stuff. This is what big parties are all about in my little community. That makes me happy.

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